Aggressive Himalayan Cat Terrorizes Family, Leading To A 911 Call After Attacking Their Baby


This is the story of Lux, a Himalayan cat who made national headlines for a terrifying incident.

It all started when he attacked Theresa Barker and Lee Palmer’s 7-month-old baby in Portland, Oregon.

black and white cat

Luckily, the baby only had a few minor scratches on the face and didn’t require any medical attention.

However, things got worse fast, with Lux trapping the family in their bedroom and making them worry about their safety. Well, this 22-pound cat definitely has a unique attitude!

The family was so scared that they dialed 911, while Lux’s angry meows could be heard in the background.

Himalayan cat

This wasn’t Lux’s first aggressive outburst. Theresa and Lee had noticed worrying signs in the past, but this incident made them really think about their situation.

They had to ask themselves if they could keep Lux safe, and most importantly, if Lux could be around their young child without any danger.

Seeking Professional Help

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They reached out to the Multnomah County Animal Services Shelter after Lux had another outburst, making the couple wonder if it was safe to keep their cat.

Whatever issue Lux had, it quickly became evident that he needed serious assistance. 

However, when they had the chance to work with a real expert in understanding cats, they chose to put in all their effort to find out if Lux could truly be helped.

So, they reached out to Jackson Galaxy, a famous animal behaviorist who is known for his show “My Cat From Hell.”

With his 15 years of experience, Galaxy was ready to take on Lux’s complicated case, and it was even featured on one of the show’s episodes.

Investigating The Cause

aggressive cat

Galaxy initially thought that Lux’s behavior was just a typical reaction of a scared cat when its tail is pulled. However, he turned out to be a much more complicated case.

A trip to the vet uncovered a hidden medical condition called feline hyperesthesia syndrome. This condition explains Lux’s unpredictable aggression, but unfortunately, there is no cure for it.

The only option is to use medication to manage the symptoms. However, despite Galaxy’s best efforts, he couldn’t guarantee Lux’s safety around the baby.

Difficult Choice

cute black and white cat

With a heavy heart, he suggested finding a new home for Lux. This was a tough decision for Theresa and Lee, who had cherished Lux for many years.

However, they eventually realized that rehoming Lux was the best choice for him and the family.

Lux’s journey didn’t end like a fairytale, but it did have a happy ending. Galaxy continued:

“I know that things haven’t turned out in a storybook way, that life is messy, and there are no easy answers to something like this.”

Happy Ending

owner and black and white cat

The family who took care of Lux during the evaluation period ended up falling in love with him. Later, they even chose to adopt him officially.

Now, the medicine seems to be working, and he seems to be settling into his new, more peaceful surroundings.

Pets can have behavior problems too. But, with the right care and a loving home, even tough situations can have a happy ending.

I think it’s important to be a responsible pet owner by knowing when to get help and making sure everyone, including your furry friend, is safe.

Sometimes, the most loving thing you can do for a pet is to give them a home that best suits their needs, even if it means saying goodbye.

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