An Unlikely Friendship: From Rescued Sloth to Best Pal of a Beagle

When a misplaced sloth got caught up in electrical wires, Haydee Rodríguez and her husband Juan Carlos didn’t hesitate to help. They took in the sloth, affectionately named Chuwie El Galan, and nursed him back to health as he healed from burns on his hands, claws, and legs. During his recovery, Chuwie found an unlikely companion in a lovable beagle named Seven. Despite Chuwie’s reluctance at first, Seven’s persistent friendship won him over, and now the two have become inseparable buddies.

The heartwarming tale of a beagle winning over a rescued sloth with some imitated behavior led to a beautiful moment when the sloth finally cuddled up with his canine friend.

Moved by Chuwie’s story, Rodriguez and Carlos founded the Chuwie Foundation: Sloth Rescue and Rehabilitation Center in Venezuela, with Chuwie as their adorable mascot. While Chuwie can’t return to the wild because of his injuries, he plays a crucial role in greeting other sloths (and maybe even some beagles) who come into their care.

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