Brave Man Rushes To Save This Dog Who Was Stuck On A Very Steep Roof

One such dramatic case was caught on camera by Daylue Goah in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, where a curious family dog got stuck on the roof of his home.

People witnessing this scene immediately rushed into action and called for help, but the rescue was far more complicated!

How Did He End Up There

dog on the roof

Nobody knows exactly how this furry boi ended up on the roof. According to Goah’s interview for WJAR, the dog’s owner believes that he got out through the top-floor window.

At the moment of his dangerous situation, his hoomans weren’t home, which probably sparked the dog’s adventurous spirit.

dog stucked on the roof

The problem was, once he got out – he didn’t know how to go back!

He slowly moved up on the roof, looking for the way out, but he couldn’t figure it out. He slowly walked from one edge to the other, being just a couple of inches away from a fatal fall.

“Oh my God! Don’t do that, don’t do it,” can be heard in the video.

Here Comes The Hooman

man on the roof with dog standing

According to Goah, he saw the animal control vehicle at one point, thinking help was finally there. But then, the car drove away, and the dog’s misery was prolonged.

Just when it seemed that the dog would remain stuck on the roof for hours, a heartwarming moment of humanity unfolded!

An unknown man saw the dog in such a desperate state, and he climbed on the roof in an attempt to help him.

man getting on the roof out of window

With one hand holding the window and the other one trying to reach the dog, the man patiently waited for the dog’s reaction. And, just a few moments later – the dog started to wag its tail!

He looked so happy to finally see someone coming to his aid.

Unfortunately, he was still reluctant to approach his savior and remained a couple of inches away from him.

At one point, you can see the man reaching for snaks from within the house to try to lure a dog, but without any success.

man trying to get dog on the roof

That’s when the man decided to go further!

He slowly climbed to the top of the roof where the dog was and then sat next to him. In the next moment, you can actually see the man giving his stranded buddy the nicest pats on the head.

It was a moment of pure relief for everyone witnessing this harrowing scene.

But, just when it seemed it all worked out for the best, another dramatic moment unfolded!

Wait, Don’t Go

man rescuing dog

The man tried to take the dog inside, but his four-legged friend didn’t have the same idea in mind!

Instead of following the man, he slipped away one more time and took the scariest “tour” on a steep slope. Luckily, the sunroof was near, and the man slowly followed the dog there.

In the next moment, he finally grabbed him, putting this heroic rescue to an end.

man catching dog on the roof

The good thing was – the dog’s owner just got back home and he immediately opened the sunroof, taking the dog inside.

Everyone was so relieved that the dog was finally safe. But, most of all, the owner was extremely grateful for the unknown man’s help!

“Good job;” Goah said in the video.

Finally Safe

man on the roof with dog

After this heart-pounding situation, the Rhode Island family was reunited again, all thanks to one man’s noble act!

Moments like this one serve as a true testament to bravery, kindness, and humanity. And, people like this make this world a better place!

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