California Shelter Shocked After Discovering A Pair Of Newborn Kittens Abandoned In A Backyard

Witnessing the unbreakable bonds between animals can warm even the coldest of hearts. It often stems from a maternal instinct, like when a caring feline nurtures an abandoned lynx or another creature in need. Yet, in this heartwarming tale, we delve into the remarkable story of two young cats whose connection rivals that of newborn siblings.

Meet Lestat and Laszlo, affectionately known as the “cat bros.” Their story began in a backyard where they and their siblings were left to fend for themselves. Fortunately, the Orphan Kitten Club from California came to their rescue, changing their lives forever.

two black kittens

Lestat, the little one on the right, had a challenging start as the runt of the litter. Upon their rescue and arrival at the veterinary clinic, Lestat’s condition was dire, prompting immediate intensive care.

Their dedicated foster parent, Yige Zhao, spared no effort in tending to their needs, particularly ensuring Lestat’s survival. Lestat kept looking for Laszlo, and Laszlo offered his full support.

kittens playing together

Lestat couldn’t have survived without Laszlo’s warmth and protection. During those critical early days, something truly magical unfolded between these two kittens.

Whenever Lestat’s heartbeat began to wane, Laszlo would step in, offering gentle nudges that miraculously revived his brother’s heartbeat.

newborn kittens

As Yige recalls:

“I noticed that almost every time this happened. It was such a sweet and tender moment.”

Imagine witnessing one tiny feline breathe life back into another, seemingly lifeless fur baby. Truly incredible!

cute kittens standing

With Yige’s tireless care and Laszlo’s unwavering support, Lestat gradually regained his strength and even started feeding from his own bottle. 

However, he encountered another hurdle in the form of a fever coat, due to the challenges he had faced. But as he grew, the gray hairs gave way to his original coat color.

kittens laying on the floor

Throughout their journey, these inseparable siblings and friends remained each other’s pillars of strength. 

Lestat always shadowed his brother, mimicking his actions and maturing together with him. The time eventually came for their adoption, and fortunately, they found a loving home big enough to accommodate both.

hungry kittens

In their new environment, they wasted no time staking their territory, engaging in spirited play, and zooming about with endless enthusiasm. Amy, their forever human, woke up on their first morning together to discover the duo joyfully wrestling on her bed.

black kittens playing in a cat bed

Their exuberance didn’t wane as they continued their morning routine in their new home, playing until exhaustion overcame them.

Then, nestled beside each other, they would drift into a peaceful slumber, often basking in the warm sunlight streaming through the window. As Amy lovingly describes:

“They love to cuddle while napping, right in front of the bright window from the highest perch on their tree.”

cats on the floor

These two kittens had grown into striking cats, yet their bond remained as steadfast as when they were vulnerable newborns.

“Laszlo is well above his weight class. He’s a hungry, chonky, and lovable cat who can’t wait to get his next cuddle and chin scratch. Lestat on the other hand can jump up on high counters. He’s thrown down a bag of hot dog buns and a bag of corn tortillas to his brother. Lestat is a wild child that aids his brother’s addiction to food.”

cats playground

Together, they make a purrfect pair! While Laszlo’s insatiable appetite drives him to seek out every last morsel of food, Lestat’s knack for opening cupboards and drawers adds an element of surprise to their kitchen adventures.

two cats sitting on a floor

“They are such sweet black cats, and they love each other so much. They play hard, fight, hug, and chill together as best friend cat brothers would.”

two black cats and white background

These two dashing brothers also find joy in the simple pleasures of life, such as watching passing cars and mesmerizing birds through the window.

They revel in the love and pampering bestowed upon them by their forever mommy, embracing every moment with boundless enthusiasm.

tired catsFor those captivated by their endearing tale, you can follow their ongoing adventures on Instagram!

Feel free to share this incredible, heartwarming story with your friends and spread the warmth and joy that Lestat and Laszlo have brought into the world.

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