Deaf And Blind Kitten Rescued By A Kind-Hearted Man Gets Her Chance At Happiness


Every day, there are more and more abandoned cats on the streets, but only a few of them are lucky enough to be rescued by kind people. Fortunately, this poor kitten with disabilities was one of the lucky ones.

A man found a kitten living in the stairwell of his apartment building. The kitten was very young, and the man soon noticed that she couldn’t open her eyes normally. The harsh truth was that the kitten was actually born without eyes.

a blind and deaf kitten sits in front of the camera

Zeyad K. was the man who found the kitten. Unfortunately, he couldn’t take the kitten in because he was living with his family. However, he couldn’t leave her alone, so he started feeding the kitten, ensuring she had enough food every day.

As time passed by, the kitten started growing and improving, but her eyes never opened. 

Zeyad thought that the kitten had a bad eye infection. After checking her eye sockets, he realized that there was nothing inside, and that the kitten was completely blind.

a man caresses a blind and deaf kitten

Zeyad kept visiting the kitten and taking care of her, but once he had to depart for a few days with his family, he began to worry about the kitten. When he came back from the trip to see the kitten, Zeyad was heartbroken… He said:

“I went home to find her laying down on my porch, skin and bones, and dirtier than she had been. After seeing that terrible scene, my family didn’t need much more persuading, since I had been telling them how a blind stray cat wouldn’t be able to live on her own and how we needed to take her in.”

the kitten sleeps next to the music line

He began hand-feeding her around the clock and would wait beside her until she finished her meal.

Thanks to Zeyad, the calico kitten quickly regained her health and strength, and she soon started to explore her new home. She would navigate around using her other senses, but something was very strange…

a man holds a kitten in his arms

The family noticed that the kitten never responded to their calls. Zeyad said:

“She didn’t appear scared by any loud, jarring noise, even though my other cat would instantly start running away if I began vacuuming. If someone even gently touches her, she’s easily shocked. But, the kitten didn’t flinch or react at all when I snapped my fingers extremely loudly right near her ears.”

That was when Zeyad realized that the kitten, whom he named Votchy, wasn’t just blind, but also deaf.

the blind kitten is sitting

It’s sad, but Vothy has no idea of what life would be like if she could see and hear. One thing is for sure: she is happy with herself as she is, and nothing can stop her. Zeyad said:

“It was one of the finest choices I’ve made in my life. She now lives her life as any other cat would, and she adored being touched.”

This blind and deaf calico kitten was among the luckiest ones. She was rescued and given a second chance. Despite her disabilities, she’s now a happy cat who makes her owner smile every day.

a blind kitten is lying on its back

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