Dog Grateful For Being Saved From A Park Clasps Her Paws Together As If She Is Praying

Careless owners who abandon their dogs never think about the dogs’ well-being or their feelings.

Once they lose their home and their family, the sorrowful pups are forced to live on the streets. Feeling let down by their owners, the canines become distrustful of humans.

Iris, a sweet little pup, felt sad and disillusioned after her family dumped her in a park.

Since the park was full of coyotes, Iris was scared, and she started roaming the streets in search of a safe place.

She came to a family home in a Southern California neighborhood and found a shelter in the yard.

A Good Human Wins The Pup’s Heart

puppy on a bush

Concerned for the dog’s safety, the homeowner contacted Suzette Hall, the founder of Logan’s Legacy, and asked her to come to the dog’s aid.

After receiving the call, Hall drove to the family address.

When she arrived and laid eyes on the abandoned dog, the long-time rescuer could see how frightened and sad she was.

Hall talked to the caller’s neighbors and found out that they tried to capture the dog.

dog in front of the house

Since the pup felt hurt and betrayed, she refused to trust humans, and she didn’t let them approach her.

“Everyone tried so hard, but she was so scared. When I pulled up … I could literally feel her fear and sadness,” Hall wrote on Facebook.

With a storm approaching, Hall knew she had no time to waste, and she set a humane trap. She placed treats inside a crate, and waited for the canine to draw near.

The pup, later named Iris, approached the crate. Although she started trusting her rescuer, she was too shy and hesitant to enter the trap.

Hall thought that it would be best to give the timid canine some space, so she started driving away from the crate.

At that moment, Iris’ reaction surprised her and warmed her heart.

“[S]he ran after my van. She knew I was safe, and she knew I was there to save her,” the rescuer wrote.

Hall quickly got out of her car.

She used baby gates to corral Iris into the crate, and it proved to be an excellent strategy.

The Sweet Pup Is Finally Safe

scared dog in cave

Once the rescuer saw that the pup got into the trap, she was happy, and so were the neighbors.

The rescuer walked over to Iris, reassuring her that everything was alright.

Iris still wasn’t aware that her life was about to change. She looked at her rescuer with her beautiful brown eyes full of sadness.

Hall took Iris in her arms, and put her in the front seat of her van.

While she was driving her to the hospital, Hall checked up on her girl. After she saw how Iris was sleeping, the rescuer was on the verge of tears.

dog claps paws

The pup was sound asleep, and she rested her head on the seat’s armrest. She clasped her paws together as if she was praying.

“It felt like she was really praying. She went through so much, and it really felt like she was so grateful,” Hall told The Dodo.

Upon their arrival at Camino Pet Hospital, in Irvine, California, the staff welcomed the adorable girl. She immediately captivated their hearts with her sweet disposition.

Iris was given a medical checkup, and she was found to be in excellent health.

Her rescuer placed her in a great foster home where she feels loved and cared for. 

We’re glad that Iris finally enjoys the warmth and comfort of a home, and we hope that the lovely girl will soon find her forever family. She deserves to be treasured and spoiled with love.

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