Don’t Like Fish, Don’t Like Pate, Meet Pepper, A Vegan Who Only Likes Dragon Fruit

Pepper was an adorable house cat with snow-white fur, sparkling blue eyes, and a long, soft tail. However, Pepper had a unique eating habit that was completely different from other cats: he only liked to eat dragon fruit.

Pepper’s mother, Mia, was a skilled cook who always tried to prepare the most delicious meals for her beloved pet. She tried all kinds of fish, from fatty salmon to fragrant tuna, but Pepper would always shake his head in disapproval. Tuna cat food, chicken pate, mixed pate,… Pepper ignored them all. Mia was worried, Pepper was getting thinner and thinner, his fur was no longer as shiny as before.

One day, while cleaning the kitchen, Mia accidentally dropped a dragon fruit on the floor. Pepper, curious about the new scent, approached and took a bite. Immediately, Pepper’s eyes lit up, he devoured the dragon fruit with gusto. Mia was overjoyed, she finally found a food that Pepper loved.

From then on, dragon fruit became the main dish on Pepper’s menu. Every day, Mia bought Pepper a large, juicy dragon fruit. Pepper ate with gusto, his body grew stronger every day, his white fur became shiny again.

News of the picky eater Pepper quickly spread throughout the neighborhood. Everyone was curious to meet Pepper and see how he ate dragon fruit. Mia often organized small parties so that people could come and watch Pepper enjoy his favorite dragon fruit.

Pepper became a “star” in the neighborhood, the picky eater with a unique taste. Mia was also very happy that Pepper was loved by everyone. However, she was still worried about Pepper’s diet, making sure he still got the nutrients he needed.

Mia decided to learn more about dragon fruit and discovered that this fruit contains many vitamins and minerals that are good for health. She began to create new dishes from dragon fruit, combining it with other ingredients so that Pepper could enjoy a more varied diet. Pepper loved Mia’s new dishes, he ate with gusto and was always happy and full of energy.

The story of Pepper – the picky eater and the magical dragon fruit became an interesting anecdote in the neighborhood. Everyone learned a lesson from Pepper: every cat has its own preferences and we need to respect those preferences. Most importantly, always care for and love your pet cat so that they can have a healthy and happy life.

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