Heavily Pregnant Dog Unable To Move Finally Gets A Second Chance At Life

The problem of overcrowded shelters, abandoned dogs, as well as strays is not something new. Unfortunately, it is our reality. On top of that, some shelters have so many problems that the euthanasia rate is almost 100%.

However, there are still those bright examples in the form of people and organizations that do everything to avoid the worst-case scenario, sometimes even with the most limited resources.

The best example of that is Austin Pets Alive! (APA!), a shelter located in Austin, Texas, which managed to reach a 97% save rate over the years.

One of their many happy-ending stories is about an abandoned pregnant dog whose owner kicked her when she needed him the most. Regardless of the difficulties and huge costs, the employees of this shelter did everything to put a smile back on the dog’s face.

Couldn’t Even Walk

pregnant dog on grass

A dog named Meter Maid was found by animal control in one neighborhood in Austin, Texas before she was brought to the city shelter. Because she was heavily pregnant, they called APA! for help and these people immediately stepped in.

When they transferred her to their premises, they did everything to make her feel comfortable as much as possible. Unfortunately, this dog was still very frightened and sad, and aside from that, she was so pregnant that she couldn’t even walk.

Although the situation was very difficult, the shelter staff didn’t want to give up on her. They knew that fresh air and time in the sun were very important for every dog, so they regularly wheeled her outdoors in a wagon.

Aside from helping her feel better physically, these amazing people also showered her with a lot of love so that she could also feel better emotionally.

pregnant dog in cage

“Our teams showed her all the love as she began to warm up,” an APA! spokesperson told Newsweek.

Little by little, all her wounds healed, and the happiest moment that every mother lives for was approaching.

Cute Little Furballs

mama dog with lot of puppies

After 16 days of non-stop care for Meter Maid, the moment they all had been waiting for finally came. The shelter staff was so happy that they couldn’t resist sharing the news with their followers in an Instagram post.

“☀️ This #AmplifyAustinDay, the sun is shining on the best mama dog: Meter Maid, who just gave birth to 11 puppies!” they wrote.

The whopping number of 11 puppies surprised the staff more than anything, and that explained one of the biggest bellies they had ever seen in their careers. Yet, they were very glad for this canine family and did everything to ensure that the babies had a happy puppyhood.

They shared the video of Meter Maid’s pregnancy story with their TikTok followers as well. It attracted a lot of attention and people were over the moon because of her happy ending.

@austinpetsalive☀️ This AmplifyAustinDay, the sun is shining on the best mama dog: Meter Maid, who just gave birth to 11 puppies! She might not need much help doting on her little ones, but we do need your help to reach our $250,000 Amplify Austin goal before 6PM tomorrow!  While mama dogs like Meter Maid do a lot of the work raising their pups, it still costs us about $1,000 to feed, vaccinate, and house a family of dogs for several weeks–and most families don’t include 11 puppies!  Your donation goes twice as far this Amplify Day, because every single dollar is MATCHED up to $100K thanks to a generous, anonymous donor. Even a gift of $25 today goes a long way, turning into $50 to vaccinate a litter of puppies like this bunch!  Link in bio.  #austinpetsalive #austin #texas #austintx #ilivehereigivehere #amplifyaustin #amplifylifesaving #puppies #puppy #momdog #pregnantdog #shelterdog #dogsofinstagram #funny #cute

♬ My Girl Wukileak – wüki

The shelter staff gave the puppies names that matched their mothers: Parallel Park, Speed Limit, Parking Ticket, Street Parking, Stop Sign, Sidewalk, Construction Zone, Detour, Valet, Driveway, and Crosswalk.

The APA! team expects that they will be available for adoption in a month, and the mother, a week or two after their puppies. They hope that they will receive loving and responsible owners who will never betray them.

We, on the other hand, hope that this story has at least awakened people’s awareness of what irresponsible actions can lead to, but also that this happy ending has inspired all the kind souls out there to continue helping animals who need it the most.

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