Heroic New Jersey ISP Workers Risk It All To Rescue A Helpless Cat Stranded On Utility Lines

Another example of human kindness towards animals was recently reported in New Jersey. Two workers from a local Internet service provider assisted animal control officers in a particularly risky cat rescue mission.

Believe it or not, a cat became stranded high up on utility wires in Hardwick Township To make matters worse, the rain was due to fall.

cat on utility lines

Thankfully, an animal control officer from Newton Animal Control quickly arrived at the scene and was touched by what he described in a Facebook post, as “the level of community involvement and compassion.”

Recalling the whole event, the officer wrote:

“I arrived on scene to find three women attempting to coax him down while keeping an eye on him. I immediately called NJSP who dispatched troopers and also attempted to get a truck out there to assist. I got a phone call minutes after arriving on the scene from a local tree company who offered to come out immediately free of charge.  Before they could get there, Planet Network pulled up with two cat loving employees who jumped right into action.”

rescuers trying to get cat

It didn’t take long for this group of passionate individuals to safely rescue the cat. Although severely distressed, the cat was undoubtedly relieved to be out of danger.

rescued black cat

In his Facebook post, the officer extended thanks to everyone involved in the rescue. First, he thanked Lisa Chammings, Kristina Lambert, and Chris Suiker, for whom leaving a feline in distress was simply not an option.

He also expressed gratitude to Blessings Tree Service & Landscaping who didn’t hesitate for a moment to offer their services.

rescuers taking a selfie

And finally, he thanked the two brave individuals, Wyatt Coombs and Rob Nye from Planet Networks, the local Internet service provider in Newton, New Jersey. They were more than willing to assist with the rescue, even at the risk of their own safety.

He concluded his post by saying:

“The compassion for animals with all of those mentioned is unmatched and we are very grateful.”

men and woman taking picture with cat

I’m so happy this poor tomcat was saved. However, I’m even more grateful to be part of a world where there are kind individuals like these, ready to risk everything to save an animal in need.

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