Man Drives For 20 Hours Just To Save This Three-Legged Cat From Euthanasia

As more cats and kittens are abandoned across the USA each year, shelters frequently reach full capacity.

Unfortunately, the number of adoptions falls far short of the number of animals entering shelters, forcing some facilities to euthanize sick and older cats to make room for others.

Such a grim reality nearly claimed the life of a three-legged kitty named Zorro.

Fortunate Turn Of Events

cat with three legs

Zorro’s story took a positive turn when Mike, a kind-hearted individual, responded to an online plea to save a three-legged cat from euthanasia due to overcrowding at the shelter.

Moved by Zorro’s situation and charmed by his photo, Mike embarked on a mission to save him. Despite learning that the shelter was an eight-hour drive away, Mike didn’t hesitate.

He sat in his car and drove all the way to the shelter to pick Zorro up, who greeted him with loving purrs, as though he was thanking him for saving his life. Mike headed back home with his new furry friend, ready for a new, fresh start in life.

Their Beginning Was Quite Challenging

black and white cat with three legs

The whole trip took around 20 hours, but Mike felt it was worth every minute when he safely brought Zorro home, giving him the chance to live his life to the fullest.

However, their challenging journey wasn’t over. Shortly after arriving, Zorro began to experience breathing difficulties. 

Mike quickly took him to the vet, where it was discovered that Zorro was suffering from a chest cold. Although initial treatments were not effective, adjustments in his therapy slowly improved his condition.

cat with one eye

Once Zorro was healthy enough, he was ready to meet Mike’s two feline friends, Chicken and Goose.

To everyone’s surprise, all the cats instantly enjoyed each other’s company. Mike’s heart was finally at peace until his partner began complaining about having too many cats in the household.

To avoid conflict but with great pain in his heart, Mike decided to put Zorro up for adoption and find him a loving family. However, his bond with Zorro was too strong to break.

three adorable cats

Zorro captured Mike’s heart the very first time they met. So, after thinking for a while, Mike made his final decision – he couldn’t give up on him.

He decided to keep Zorro at all costs, believing it was the only right thing to do. While Mike’s partner wasn’t initially thrilled about his decision, he slowly started warming up to Zorro too.

A Happy Ending For Everyone

guy holding a black and white cat

Over time, Zorro won over the entire household, knowing they were his forever. He quickly adjusted to his new surroundings and bonded with his new humans and feline siblings.

Now, Zorro is thriving despite his physical limitations. He doesn’t let his three legs stop him from running and jumping just like any other cat.

Rescued from the brink of euthanasia, Zorro is now living the life he always deserved, all thanks to Mike who never gave up on him.

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