Newborn Kittens Were Left On A Doorstep Wrapped In Thin Paper Towels

Shelters and foster heroes face abandoned and neglected cats almost every day. However, now and then some heartless humans abandon newborn kittens in the most cruel ways.

This is exactly how these tiny fluffballs from today’s story were found. Someone tossed them in front of a woman’s house, only wrapped in thin paper towels. 

newborn kittens sleeping

The woman immediately contacted Wrenn Rescues, a rescue organization in Los Angeles. Thanks to them, these three babies got a second chance at life.

Wrenn Rescues works closely with many foster volunteers, however, their youngest volunteer Chris is an expert in kittens.

This young man fostered kittens since he was 11 years old! Now this is what I like to call – a true foster hero!

close-up photo f a newborn kitten

With the support of his mom, Chris rushed to pick these poor babies up. However, once they picked up the tiny fuzzballs, they noticed that one of the kittens was way too small compared to her two ginger brothers. As Chris’s mom said in a post:

“They are so much smaller than we expected. The dark tabby is only 60g. We will do our very best to get them growing and thriving.”

kitten held in hand

They adorably named them Bounty, Brawny, and Sparkle. Unfortunately, little Sparkle was way behind her brothers. The two boys were eating and gaining weight, while their tiny sister refused the bottle.

It took her foster parents two days of tube feeding before the little one finally latched onto the bottle. The trio spent most of their time in an incubator, while their foster parents made sure they stayed well-fed. 

However, after almost a week in their foster home, the ginger boys weighed around 140 grams, while Sparkle weighed only 85 grams!

gray kitten

Chris and his mom Erin knew Sparkle was a tiny fighter with a strong will for life! She fought so hard to reach her brother’s size and soon enough they celebrated her 100-gram mark!

kitten on a scale

Shortly after, the siblings were ready to move out of the incubator! They were slowly becoming healthy, playful kittens, meaning the critical phase was officially over, as their foster parents mentioned in an update:

“They have officially graduated from the land of the incubator to the world of the playpen! Next up, the universe of the whole kitten room!”

The adorable trio learned how to use the litter box, although little Sparkle was more digging around than doing her business! However, she was so adorable that her foster parents didn’t mind the mess at all.

photo of kitten lying on its back

They also discovered the joys of the wipe warmer! Whenever Erin turned the wipe warmer on, the siblings would jump on top of it just to warm their chubby bellies up! So adorable, right?

Once these adorable fluffballs turned 5 weeks, it was all fun and games. They learned to play with toys and the joys of chasing each other around the playpen! As Erin shared in an update:

“Brawny, Bounty, and Sparkle are growing so fast! They turned 5 weeks yesterday and got a new igloo bed and a larger space with more toys!! They are already completely litter trained with no accidents!!”

two kittens lying

The adorable trio went from being abandoned and frozen to healthy fluffballs, all thanks to their amazing foster parents. They patiently wait for their forever homes while being showered with love and affection from Chris and Erin!

Make sure to follow this amazing foster hero over on Instagram and keep up with his amazing work in the foster community!

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