Ouch! Dog in Agony After Encounter with Massive Porcupine’s Quills.lisa

A canine in New Hampshire had a not-so-friendly encounter with a porcupine, resulting in a prickly situation with a face full of quills. Thankfully, the dog, named Milo the beagle, is now on the mend and recuperating well after the incident. The volunteer organization Granite State Dog Recovery shared a visual comparison of Milo’s before-and-after photos from the porcupine encounter in Middleton on their Facebook page to update followers on his progress. The group assured that Milo is currently resting and gradually making a recovery.

Milo was on the wrong end of several nasty spikes when he came off worst from his encounter with porcuoine

Milo found himself getting pricked by sharp spikes during his unfortunate meeting with porcuoine.

Milo - feeling a little tender after his prickly experience - is now well on the road to recovery 

Milo, who is feeling a bit sore after his encounter with a prickly foe, is now on the mend and making good progress.

The poor dog went missing from his home in Middleton, New Hampshire, and ended up getting into a bit of trouble with a porcupine.

Fortunately, the caring team at Granite State Dog Recovery came to the rescue after receiving a distress call and were able to safely remove the quills from Milo.

Milo is now back at home, resting comfortably, recovering well, and receiving antibiotics, as reported by Granite State Dog Recovery.

It is now known that porcupine quills are not shot at predators, but are either released upon contact or may fall out when the porcupine shakes its body. The quills are constantly growing to replace any lost ones.

Although there were myths in the past about porcupines being able to shoot their quills at enemies from a distance, this has been debunked.

New World porcupines are native to North America and parts of northern South America. They prefer wooded areas and are skilled climbers, with some species spending their lives in trees. They are not as strictly nocturnal as their Old World relatives.

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