Pup Abandoned Near A Construction Site In A Desert Is Desperate For Help And Then She Meets Someone Special

If there is one thing I hate, it’s seeing other people dump their puppies on the street when they become an inconvenience.

What is even worse is when they dump them somewhere incredibly far away where they can’t even get any help. I will never understand why.

It’s simpler to surrender them to a shelter where they can find somebody who will care for them.

This poor puppy was dumped by his previous owner in the middle of the desert when he needed him the most. However, things were not so doom and gloom.

A woman who had worked nearby noticed this sweet dog outside in the desert and decided to call for help.

A Call For Help

Adorable white dog

When Jeanean Gillespie first saw this sad puppy wandering around the desert of California, she felt so bad that she just had to help somehow.

She was already used to seeing other animals around that area, as it somehow became common ground for abandoning animals, which is just horrible.

She called her friend, Suzette Hall, for help. In the meantime, the woman tried helping the puppy by giving her food and water but she was just so scared that it was impossible to catch her.

Every time they tried to get close, the pup just ran away into the distance, so Jeanean decided to just leave the food and water near the door of her building.

dog and two chairs

The idea was that she would get hungry enough to approach them again and maybe relax a little bit.

The workers there noticed that the puppy would always sleep near the office doors, as she somehow felt safe there, knowing that there were other people who wanted to help.

Nevertheless, it was a difficult rescue mission as they still had to come up with a plan to catch her somehow.

The Puppy Was Safe

cute dog standing in hall

So, naturally, Jeanean lured the puppy into her office with food, and she was secured. It was actually as simple as that.

However, there was one catch. She was still so terrified of everyone that she wouldn’t let anybody approach her.

This is where Suzette Hall came into the picture. As soon as she arrived at their location in California, she got right on to business.

The puppy was already exhausted, and Suzette slowly approached her. She tried calming her, and it worked.

white dog laying in car

Just as that happened, the puppy just melted into her arms, and she was finally happy to be safe.

Suzette then took her back to her car where she fell asleep almost immediately. The pup really loved her ride back to the shelter.

It’s really beautiful to see how showing patience and kindness with animals who have been traumatized can help them overcome their fears.

Suzette and her friend, Jeanean, have given this puppy a new opportunity to start over with her life, and it’s really heartwarming to know she is going to be okay.

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