Racing Greyhound With A Broken Leg Was Abandoned By His Owners, Then Found The Perfect Family

Among the sea of stories that I have come across over the years, Blue’s story is definitely one of my favorites!

It’s the story of resilience, but it’s also the one of love and kindness.

For this gigantic Greyhound boy, things didn’t start out great. He was born into the racing industry, far away from anything that even remotely reminded him of home. Used only as a commodity, Blue never got the chance to feel loved.

All he knew was intense training for each upcoming race until, sadly, he suffered a broken leg…

He Was Born To Be Loved

photo of greyhound dog

It was the day he suffered a leg injury that he also lost a place to be. His owners gave up on him, and Blue ended up with no roof above his head.

Enter – Kimberley!

Even though she wasn’t quite sure about having a Greyhound in her home, Kimberley’s heart broke once she learned Blue’s story.

“He got dropped off by his trainer to my sister’s house. He was so anxious he was pacing around on her deck, and even threw up. I nearly had a heart attack when I saw how big he was,” Kimberley wrote on Blue’s official Instagram.

greyhound lying

She definitely wasn’t ready for a giant in her house! Yet, she and her family embraced Blue with their hearts and arms wide open!

The rest, as they say, is history!

The Goofiest, Toast-Loving Boi

greyhound with a broken leg

It only took a couple of weeks for Blue to completely come out of his shell, but he definitely needed some time to settle in.

During his first days at Kimberley’s home, he was quite shy and reserved. He reluctantly went for walks as he was nervous due to all the noise coming from outside. Due to his past trauma, Blue wasn’t confident in big social circles.

Then, his true personality kicked in!

dog eating a piece of bread

When Kimberley saw Blue doing zoomies for the first time ever – she knew that he had started to feel comfy in his new home. But, she definitely didn’t know that he, unlike other pets, had a wide range of emotions to display!

This unique boi took everyone in the family by surprise with how amazing he was.

Blue became communicative, intuitive, loved to “talk” with his hoomans, and knew the pawfect way to express all of his feelings.

Above everything, he absolutely fell in love with toast and snacks, as well as with cozy naps on the couch! During his wakey-wakey time, he was a real sportsman, though.

dog lying next to a little boy

Blue became that special member of the family in no time! He was the kind of dog that made everyone instantly feel better, and not only his hooman friends. Blue had a very special place in his heart for other doggos, and he enjoyed having a blast in dog parks.

Then, again, he was just born for city life! With his stylish outfits, he was a real gentleman, and he pulled off every outfit from the list like a model!

You Will Be Remembered, Blue

woman petting the dog

Sadly, after wonderful years in a loving home, this inspiring rescue boi lost a battle with cancer. He fought bravely until his last breath, but he eventually crossed the rainbow bridge, leaving everyone behind absolutely devastated.

“We had forgotten what life is like without Blue in it. Everywhere we turn, we are reminded of the boy who both figuratively and literally was such a huge presence, an irreplacable part of who we are. Just gone,” his owners wrote on Instagram.

Throughout his lifetime, Blue’s story touched many hearts. He replaced his racing career with family life and even became an Instagram influencer, making headlines in every corner of the world!

greyhound looking at the camera

In his honor, Kimberley and the family decided to set up a fundraiser and keep Blue’s legacy alive. All the money will go to various Greyhound rescue charities to help more of these dogs live the lives they deserve.

This is a fitting legacy for a canine who brought so much joy into the lives of his hoomans, don’t you think?

It’s also a good reminder that Greyhounds don’t belong on a racing track; they belong to a loving home!

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