Rescuers Found A Box That Arrived At The Shelter And Were Shocked By What Was Inside It

. We all know that something terrible might come out of it.

The mysterious box that has been following humanity for ages arrived in San Jose.

The staff of the San Jose Animal Shelter knew that once they opened the box, everything would change.

But, they couldn’t leave it unopened either. The terrible stench that was coming out of it told them they had to react within seconds!

What came out of the box?

What Was Inside Pandora’s Box?

Good wrapped package

Back in April of 2015, a mysterious box arrived at San Jose’s Animal Care Center. It was all taped up, as if it’s trying to stop whatever was inside from escaping.

What could it be?

The person who brought in the box said it contained…

An injured puppy! 

Dog with overgrown hair

A puppy in the box, with almost no fresh air to breathe?

The reaction of the staff had to be prompt.

The terrible smell that was coming from the box made them react even faster.

Sure enough, it was a dog… a terribly matted and injured one. Her poor soul was aching for help.

The scruffy puppy had a terrible wound on her shoulder, and the shelter workers assumed the odor was coming from it. But, they couldn’t get a better look of it unless they shaved down the dog’s coat.

On top of everything, the dog’s coat was too dirty… covered in debris, dirt, and feces, and it simply had to come off.

People shaving dog

The poor pup showed no resistance during the grooming process, which took a while. She was pawfectly calm, allowing the hoomans to help her.

The wound they first saw on her shoulder was actually a lump, and the staff knew they had to inspect it quickly.

The sweet pup they named Pandora was super glad they were helping her. The shelter decided to keep her for a few days to see if her owner showed up. They gave her a flea bath and started healing her broken soul.

But, no one came to pick up the pup from the box.

So, the shelter did what they had to do: they continued Pandora’s makeover! 

Pandora’s Recovery

Cute shaved dog

Now that she was all clean and tidy, it was time to address that awful mass on Pandora. Everyone was so afraid it was something ominous.

Pandora went under anesthesia and the medical team of San Jose Animal Care Center got busy fixing what was broken.

First, they took some X-ray shots of Pandora’s teeth, figured out which need to be removed, then did teeth extraction surgery of several of Pandora’s teeth.

Moving on, while Pandora was still down, they spayed her, repaired the umbilical hernia she had, and removed two masses they found on Pandora’s body. They sent the masses to their lab for inspection.

Everyone was so nervous to hear the results. The staff was really worried about the masses being cancerous tumors.

The results came back partially positive.

The smaller mass was a benign cyst. 

However, the bigger mass on the shoulder was a malignant tumor. The good news was that that kind of tumor is slow-spreading and considered cured if removed completely. The vets did an incredible job and actually removed the entire mass. 

No tumor was left in Pandora! She was a cancer-free girl ready to conquer the world!

In just a few short weeks, Pandora was found, cured, and fully recovered.

Next up was the adoption process!

Pandora was officially put up for adoption on May 14th, 2015. She found a furever home three days later with a kind, older man.

A man holding a dog

They both couldn’t be happier they found each other!

I guess opening Pandora’s box doesn’t always bring terrible things, does it?

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