Rescuers Were Surprised To Find The Reason A Dog’s Belly Was Swollen After She Was Thrown From A Truck

But please, never abandon them, as they are extremely vulnerable in this state.

Unfortunately, the sweet puppy of today’s story suffered this exact fate.

Unfortunate Fate

dog with swollen belly

When a sweet pup was thrown out of a truck and into a landfill, at first, she thought that it was some kind of mistake, so she tried to run after the truck, but when she was unable to catch up to him, she just collapsed on the road.

Even then, she tried to crawl, but she was just too sick.

Luckily, rescuers noticed her struggles and immediately jumped in to help. The pup had an enormous belly, so naturally, they thought she was pregnant. But, they soon found out that this wasn’t the case.

brown dog with swollen belly

The rescuers found out that the poor girl wasn’t actually pregnant, her belly was just so swollen that it resembled a balloon ready to burst any second. But, the interesting thing was that she was extremely malnourished – her ribs and spine were completely visible.

She was a skinny pup with a huge belly!

cute brown dog with stomach problems

When she finally arrived at the vet, the doctors couldn’t believe what they were seeing. After her examination, they found out that her stomach was full of liquid. This was most likely due to her liver not working properly.

She also had a very infested, open wound on her leg, preventing her from walking.

Helping Hands

Luckily, this sweet girl was in a safe environment where she could finally receive the help she so desperately needed.

The rescuers gave her some yummy food, which she ate in an instant, preparing her for the procedure to drain her stomach.

dog with big belly
Source: Animal Shelter

However, there was so much fluid in her stomach that the vets had to drain it multiple times. In the end, more than a gallon of fluid was drained from the poor girl’s belly.

The next order of business was to nurse this incredible pup back to health. Since it was confirmed that she had liver failure, she was prescribed a lot of medication as well as constant observation.

dog after surgery

After spending a month and a half at the vet, she was finally discharged. The hooman that took care of her the most completely fell in love with her and her reliance, so they decided to take her in.

Naming her Azalea, she took her home and allowed her to start a new chapter in her life.

The hooman was already a doggo parent, so Azalea had many pups that kept her company and showed her how fun it was to be a dog!

woman and adorable brown dog

After two weeks, Azalea was taken to the vet for a check-up where it was determined that her medications were working and her liver was doing much better.

The vets were amazed to see this once depressed pup now run around happily, demanding attention and kisses from any hooman she encountered.

Azalea was finally happy!

Final Word

I am sure that, with time, this sweet girl will restore her health completely, gain a lot of healthy weight, and forget all about her dark past.

I also hope that this story will remind you that animals have feelings, too, and that abandoning them in time of need can seriously affect them.

Please, if your pups fall ill and you are no longer able to care for them or don’t know how to do it, take them to your local shelter, explain to the staff members what happened, and allow your furry friend a second chance at life.

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