Running Partners: Runner Goes the Extra Mile with a Puppy Companion During Marathon

During a marathon in Ratchaburi, Thailand, Khemjira Klongsanun came across a lost puppy seven miles into the race. Rather than ignore the poor pup, she decided to slow down and coax him over to her. Concerned for the dog’s well-being with no signs of civilization around, she decided to carry him 19 miles to the finish line. After the race, Khemjira decided to adopt the cuddly Thai bangkaew breed dog, ensuring he would never be abandoned or lost again.

Khemjira scooped up the little pup, making sure he was alright before carrying him under her arm and completing an additional 19 miles of the race. It was a touching sight as she continued to run with the puppy in hand, with other runners looking on in amazement and admiration. At one point, she even raised the puppy for spectators to see.

Marathon runner Khemjira Klongsanun, 43, ran the last 19 miles of a race with a puppy under her arm after noticing it mid-race

During a marathon race, 43-year-old runner Khemjira Klongsanun found a puppy and carried it in her arms for the remaining 19 miles of the race.

She saw several other athletes moving around the small puppy but decided to bend down and pick it up

Observing a group of athletes gathering around the tiny puppy, she opted to kneel down and scoop it up instead.

This adorable photo shows the exhausted Thai bangkaew puppy sleeping on Khemjira's marathon kit 

In this heartwarming picture, we see a tired Thai bangkaew puppy resting on Khemjira’s marathon gear while she proudly carries him across the finish line. The puppy, estimated to be just a few months old, has been adopted by the shop owner and given the name Chombueng, after the marathon itself.

Khemjira noticed the puppy seemingly lost and alone in a deserted area with no signs of other dogs or people nearby. Concerned for his safety, she decided to take him in. Despite her efforts to locate his owner at the finish line and through appeals online, no one has come forward.

Chombueng now happily resides with Khemjira and her other two adult dogs, becoming a cherished member of their family.

She has now adopted the dog, believe to be just a couple of months old, and named him Chombueng after the name of the marathon

Now she has officially welcomed the puppy into her home, estimated to be around two months old, and christened him Chombueng in honor of the marathon.

The puppy is recovering at his new home with Khemjira saying that she tried to find his owner

The little pup is feeling better in his new abode, where Khemjira mentions she made an effort to locate his previous owner.

Nobody has been in touch and she intends to now keep the dog, and is 'glad to save him and willing to have him with other two dog members in the family'

No one has reached out about the dog, so she plans to keep him. She is happy to give him a home and is excited to have him join her other two canine family members.

Chombueng has now joined the family with Khemjira's two other grown-up dogs (pictured), which seem to be of the same breed

Chombueng has officially become part of the family, joining Khemjira’s other two adult dogs, who appear to be the same breed as him. Khemjira shared, “Running nearly 20 miles while carrying a dog was definitely a tough task. It was twice as exhausting as a regular marathon, but I did it because he is just so lovable. It took a long time to get Chombueng checked, vaccinated, and treated, but I’m happy I could rescue him and am excited to have him join our dog family. It may take some time for him to adjust, but Chombueng is a clever boy. I’m confident he’ll be happy living with us.”

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