Severely Abused Dog Permanently Separated From Her Puppies As She Was ‘Too Dangerous’


Despite their immense love and forever loyalty to their favorite people, some dog owners are not worthy of their furry companions, and they demonstrate that throughout their everyday actions.

The victim of one such heartless person was a seven-year-old dog named Miss Molly. This Belgian Malinois was abused by her owners’ teenage son as he enjoyed hitting her with a pole whenever he could.

Aside from that, poor Molly was forced to spend her days in a small kennel behind the house, restrained to a short lead, regardless of the weather forecast. The life of this dog was a true nightmare for such a long time.

That nightmare lasted until the moment when her owners decided to divorce. They intended to surrender her to a shelter, but then a kind-hearted neighbor suddenly appeared and took her in temporarily.

Her Most Difficult Moment

dog sitting on hay

Molly did not stay in the neighborhood for long as her savior soon got in touch with the Malinois and Dutch Shepherd Rescue (MAD Rescue). She was brought to their premises on December 13, 2023.

As soon as she arrived, the staff realized that Molly was pregnant and that she was about to give birth very soon. That happened on December 19 when nine cute Malinois-Lab puppies came into this world.

mama dog nursing her puppies

Like every mother, Molly was over the moon when she first saw her babies. Unfortunately, not everything went perfectly in this case because Molly became overly protective of her puppies.

The rescue staff concluded that she was too dangerous for the puppies and made the decision to permanently separate them from their mother. Seven puppies found forever homes, while two of them got into foster care.

Although it is not unusual for a mother dog to sometimes be overly protective of her puppies, here, the root cause of such behavior was much more serious, and they had to discover it soon. For poor Molly, it was the hardest moment of her life, but they simply had no other choice.

Root Cause Of Her Suffering

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Aside from having to deal with the immense pain caused by the separation from her little ones, poor Molly had to endure various health problems as well.

According to a Facebook post from the MAD Rescue group, “Miss Molly had a medical crisis where she was unable to keep down food, had dark colored vomit and diarrhea.”

After that, she was transferred to the vet, where her treatment began. Unfortunately, there were no results as she continued to decline, lost a significant amount of weight, and became very weak.

dog named molly

Due of this alarming medical crisis, the veterinarian team had no other choice but to perform exploratory surgery on her. It is the type of surgery that is used for an examination of the organs within the abdomen.

After they were done with this medical procedure, the vets finally found out what was the root cause of Molly’s problems. Due to the accumulated stress she experienced during the time spent with her former owners, several large ulcers formed in the lining of her stomach.

As soon as they saw what it was all about, the vets gave Molly the right therapy, and she immediately felt better and was on her way to a full recovery.

hand petting the dog

How much evil the heartless owners inflicted on her is best shown by the fact that she had to suffer because of them long after she last saw them.

Better Days Ahead

Because Molly needed to stay away from any stressful situation in order to heal, she was transferred to the vet’s office in Wyoming soon after the surgery.

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“Molly has been living at the vet’s office since March 15th [, 2024] due to needing a low-stress environment that is quiet and calm,” Vee Jenkins, the rescue’s adoption counselor, said according to ROCKY Kanaka.

Jenkins stated that she was moved from Wyoming to foster care on April 26, 2024, and since then, her condition has been getting better and better. At the same time, the rescue organization is rapidly working on finding her a forever home.

“Molly has paid more than anyone ever should have to and she is now very very deserving of retirement,” it is stated in the Facebook post. “She needs a family who is ready to just let her relax, spoil the crap out of her and let her know what love is for every day forward.”

They also wrote that her new family would need to be patient and would need to allow Molly time to settle and gain trust. However, when that happens, with her immense love and amazing personality, she will return a hundredfold.

dog sitting in front of its owner

After an owner who tortured her for no reason and left her with terrible consequences, this dog deserves a person who will love her without limits and heal her deepest wounds.

So, good luck, Miss Molly.

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