Stardust the Barn Owl Forms Unlikely Trio of Friendship with Beagle and Collie

A barn owl named Stardust, who was hand-fed as a chick, has formed a strong friendship with two dogs named Sam and Fergus. The dogs became friends with Stardust when they licked up its spilled food, creating a lasting bond between them. Stardust often flies down to play with the dogs and even lands on them while they are sleeping.

All eyes right: Stardust, Sam and Fergus stare longingly into the distance as if posing for an album cover

Every gaze fixed on one direction: Stardust, Sam, and Fergus gazing wistfully into the horizon, looking like they could be on the cover of a music album.

Family photo: The owl is so comfortable around Claire and the dogs that it even sits calmly for photos

Family snapshot: The owl seems completely at ease with Claire and the dogs, posing tranquilly for a photo.

Stardust is followed by her canine friends around the house as they search for more games to play

Stardust roams the house with her furry canine companions as they explore new games to play. Claire Stafford, a nursery nurse from Warrington, Cheshire, shared, “They have all grown up together and get along brilliantly. Stardust, who was hand-reared, is not afraid of humans.” The unlikely trio of a barn owl, beagles, and human family have forged a unique and surprising bond. Stafford explained, “We welcomed Stardust into our home when she was just three weeks old, so she has essentially grown up alongside the dogs.” Despite the challenges of caring for a barn owl and the mischievous nature of beagles, the group has formed a tight-knit friendship. Stafford recalled a touching moment when Sam, one of the beagles, helped clean up Stardust when she was unwell by licking food off her face – a heartwarming display of their friendship.

Claire lives across the road from the aviary that Stardust stays in

As a chick Stardust would sometimes spill her food but her dog friends were on hand to lick her clean

Claire lovingly cared for Stardust when she was just three weeks old, having to feed her with a syringe. However, at times the owl would spill her food, which was promptly cleaned up by Sam and Fergus.

Heads up! The dogs have grown used to Stardust flying down to land on their heads even while they sleep

Watch out! The dogs have become accustomed to Stardust swooping down to perch on their heads even while they nap. Stardust calls an aviary home just across the road from Claire, her husband Paul, and their two dogs. However, the feathered friend often crosses the road to pay a visit to Claire’s household.

“As Sam (one of the dogs) has gotten older, they’ve formed a strong bond,” Claire shared. “Stardust will glide down and cozy up next to both dogs, sometimes attempting to land on them. If we’re outside and Stardust spots their tails wagging, she’ll swoop down and playfully nip at them.

“Stardust is quite mischievous with a feisty attitude. She will give you a sly look as if she’s challenging you. When you try to pick her up, she’ll tease you by flying away at the last moment, engaging in playful antics and games.”

Claire expressed her hope that Stardust and the dogs will age gracefully together, delighting in the sight of their joy and camaraderie.

Stardust will often land on the floor and dare Sam and Fergus to chase her before she soars into the air at the last minute

Stardust loves to play with Sam and Fergus, teasing them by landing on the ground and daring them to catch her before zooming back into the sky at the very last moment.

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