Texas Four-Year-Old Calico Cat Stronger Than Ever After Losing A Leg In A Tragic Car Accident

But Porridge, a sweet four-year-old calico cat from Texas, teaches us that even when things are tough, we should always stay hopeful.

Porridge’s bravery has guided him through obstacles and now he is searching for a forever home filled with love, attention, and lots of spots to climb and discover.

very sweet ginger cat

When Wonky Whiskers Rescue, a non-profit organization in Texas that helps cats with special needs, rescued Porridge after he was hit by a car, his injuries were very serious.

He lost a leg, couldn’t see with one eye, and needed temporary support for his jaw. However, Porridge’s spirit stayed strong and he didn’t let his injuries bring him down.

This brave cat is a champion climber and can scale shelves with ease, even though he only has three legs. He loves to relax on the highest perch, where he can watch over his territory and wait for someone to give him a friendly head scratch.

One more thing – Porridge has quite the personality. Even though he’s not too fond of other animals, he likes hanging out with younger, laid-back cats who give him his space.

cat with eye problems

However, when it comes to humans, Porridge is a total cuddle bug who craves (and definitely deserves!) lots of love and snuggles, as Madison Ohler, the founder of Wonky Whiskers Rescue, shared for Fox News Digital:

“He may have a bit of an attitude with other animals but prefers younger, submissive cats to hang out with. He doesn’t mind laid-back cats that respect his space and politely coexist with him. He demands human attention and snuggles.”

Let’s face it, Porridge is a bit of a diva. He absolutely loves being around people and would rather not have to share his humans with too many other furry pals. I mean, come on, a star like him deserves all the attention!

Luckily, he won’t have to be alone for too long and his recovery journey is almost over. Once his jaw is fully healed and the wire support is taken out, he’ll be all set to start a new chapter – searching for his forever family.

cat on a shelf

This adorable little fighter truly deserves all the love out there, and I sincerely hope he discovers an incredible home filled with compassion and never-ending cuddles. I’m just glad he never gave up, because he wouldn’t be here melting hearts if he hadn’t.

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