The Poor Dog Seemed To Have Only A 1% Chance Of Living, But The Ending Brought Tears To Billions Of People

We found him in a damp abandoned house, lying motionless and barely breathing.

His eyes opened slightly when we arrived, as if he were being carried away by a fast-flowing current and suddenly caught a life preserver..

We immediately took him to the rescue station.

The past time must have been hell for him: hunger, cold, skin fungus, and extreme pain. Even when warmed up, my whole body still trembled as if lying on cold ice

His eyes seem to contain thousands of emotions, maybe the painful past, maybe the pain and difficulty breathing in the present, or the dream of a future where he will have his own family, family…

Thank God, the poor dog with a fragile life has now miraculously recovered. Now he is being warmed by the love of his new owner and his new family. The dog has been given an extremely adorable name – Greyhound.That through the love you receive from people, you have the strength to fight for your life. And he is overcoming the years of living without the care of his old family and showing us an incredible strength to overcome challenges and a huge desire to live!

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