These Two Tuxedo Cats Are Former Strays Who Finally Got An Opportunity To Enjoy The Good Life

Anyone who is a proud parent of a former stray cat knows just how rewarding it is to rescue a street feline. These kitties are special, and almost every one of them has an inspiring story worth sharing.

The story you’re about to read revolves around two rescued tuxedo cats who, despite looking alike, aren’t actually related.

However, their similar backgrounds and shared struggles have made them, in a way, soul sisters. Let’s meet them!

two tuxedo cats by the window

First, allow me to introduce you to Momo (the one on the left).

Momo was around one year old when she was found roaming the streets extremely emaciated and skittish. She had a gift ribbon tied around her, which made rescuers believe she was someone’s unwanted gift.

At that time, her future owner Annie, had just lost her feline companion in a car accident and was seeking a new kitty to help her cope with the loss.

In a way, Momo became an unexpected gift to Annie, helping to fill the void left by her first cat.

cat lying on the floor

In an interview about her two tuxedo cats, Annie recalled the first time she and her partner met Momo. She said:

“When we first met her, Momo was battling the cat flu but seemed curious and very interested in us. We instantly fell in love with her and took her home. We soon realized that she would be an indoor cat.”

She explained that Momo suffered from asthma attacks in the first few weeks and displayed a tendency to eat inedible objects like plastic and ribbons, a condition generally known as Pica Syndrome.

Fully aware that they couldn’t let her roam outside or leave her home alone for too long, Annie and her partner decided to get her a sister.

tuxedo cat sitting on a couch

That’s when Cleo entered the picture! The poor girl was found by the same rescue group in a parking lot when she was only 10 weeks old. 

Tragically, her hind legs had been completely crushed, likely from a car accident, and she had to wear an external fixture for about two months until her bones healed.

Moved by her story, Annie felt compelled to adopt little Cleo and welcome her into the family.

Doesn’t it seem like destiny brought them together? Think about it: Cleo was hit by a car, just like Annie’s first cat, and she’s a tuxedo kitty – just like Momo. It feels like fate, doesn’t it?

cat yawning

When describing Cleo, Annie summed her up in three words: Resilient, affectionate, and clingy. She said:

“The vets really did one hell of a job! Her hip is a little underdeveloped, and she can’t sit properly – other than that, she’s healthy and good-spirited. She constantly asks for cuddles, meowing until you drop everything to give her the attention she wants. Sometimes I even feel her curling up on top of my head at night to sleep on the upper part of my pillow, right next to me.”

After learning all these interesting facts about Momo and Cleo, one can’t help but wonder: Do these ladies get along? Well, let’s find out!

They Fight Like Sisters – But Love Like Sisters, Too!

two cats on a window sill

According to Annie, Momo and Cleo are polar opposites in nature and personality.

“Momo is very picky and special about what she likes and dislikes. Everything has to happen at her own time. She’s usually quiet and distant, except when she wants to play or cuddle.”

Cleo, on the other hand, is still a kitten at heart.

“She gets excited super quickly and jumps around most of the time. She always wants to play, she always wants to cuddle.”

For the calm Momo, Cleo’s exuberant and loud personality can be a bit overwhelming. However, despite their differences, it’s comforting to know that these two get along quite well – well, sort of.

tuxedo cats looking at the camera

According to Annie, while Momo and Cleo have distinct personalities, they still enjoy each other’s company. They often play and chase each other around the house, and they occasionally groom each other, which is always a good sign.

They do have their moments of conflict and can sometimes let jealousy get the best of them, especially when all eyes are on them.

But it seems they manage to coexist – or at least tolerate each other – when no one is looking.

Living with Momo and Cleo has been highly entertaining for Annie. Since she and her partner get a front-row seat to all their goofy feline antics at home, Annie felt compelled to share some of that joy with the world. 

So, she created their very own Instagram account (2chaoscats) which today entertains thousands of followers from around the globe.

woman holding a cat

When asked what she hopes people will take away from her Instagram and website, besides the cute photos and videos of Momo and Cleo, Annie expressed her desire to inspire people to adopt shelter cats instead of buying purebred ones.

“I thought it might be useful to show how cute cats can be, regardless of where they’re from. Maybe it would get a couple of people to go to shelters before deciding to buy a cat. I thought: if I can get a single person to adopt a cat instead of buying a cat, I would be happy.”

cats lying on a bed

I hope you enjoyed meeting Momo and Cleo as much as I did. They are incredibly cute and make a great duo; honestly, I envy Annie for having them around (But shhh! Don’t tell my cats).

If you want to see more of Momo and Cleo, be sure to follow them on Instagram.

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