This Adventurous Bengal Cat Has The Best Hobby And It Includes Water

One thing that brings absolute joy to my heart is cats who enjoy outdoor activities. Whether walking, climbing, or swimming it’s amazing to see our feline friends doing things usually reserved for dogs.

Recently I’ve stumbled upon a cat named Maverick or as his parents like to call him – Mavi the Traveling Cat.

mavi the surfer cat

This brave Bengal kitty proved to the world that cats are more than indoor pets. Mavi’s dad Nick used to be a professional athlete, and now that he had retired from wakeboarding, Nick wanted to keep his love for boarding alive.

He spends most of his time snowboarding, surfing, and paddle boarding. However, since Nick and his wife Kayla love the outdoors, it was natural that Mavi joined them in their adventures. 

adventurous cat

Since Mavi was a tiny kitten, he was deeply fascinated by all things water. Kayla used to place a bowl of water in front of him, and Mavi used to play for hours. As Kayla shared in their video:

“When Mavi is in the water, he really feels at home.”

man holding cat on surf board

This special cat soon showed interest in his dad’s paddle boards. Nick decided to place his boards in the swimming pool and see what would happen. Brave Mavi used to jump from one board to the next, bravely maneuvering around the swimming pool.

Nick decided to train Mavi and bring him along the next time he goes surfing. This is how Mavi gained one more nickname, Surfer Cat! 

cat surfing

He absolutely enjoyed being out on the board with his dad, while they surfed through the waves. However, Mavi loves everything his dad does, as Kayla mentioned:

“Maverick really likes to be Nick’s shadow. He feels like if Nick’s doing something he’s missing out if he’s not with him.”

Since Mavi was a professional surfer now, Nick and Kayla decided to take him along on their snowboarding trip, and guess what? Brave Mavi mastered snowboarding in no time. 

cat on man's back

Nick would place him onto his shoulder, and the two would race down the mountains. As said in the video:

“Because of that motion of the surfboard, he was able to master snowboarding with total ease.”

man and woman sitting with cat

Wherever Nick and Kayla travel, Mavi comes along. He brings joy to people who meet him and he adores being the center of attention. 

Mavi’s parents provided him with the best life ever, so make sure to follow his adventures over on Instagram!

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