This Young Mom Was Still Just A Kitten When She Gave Birth To Two Kittens

Hannah Shaw, better known as the Kitten Lady, helped numerous neonatal kittens. Most of them were found without their mom, however, this story had a twist.

Hannah received a call from a local shelter in San Diego about a cat momma who needed urgent care. Without a second thought, she went to pick them up.

kitten yawning

However, they informed her that the mama was only 9 months old! According to PetMD, kittens can get pregnant at just 4 months, so it’s super important to spay your cats at a young age.

Her previous owners were probably unaware of this fact, which led to her early pregnancy. Fortunately, they were responsible enough to leave her at a shelter and not on the streets.

cat in a box

This gorgeous gray tabby gave birth to two kittens, but sadly, one passed away. Hannah named the momma Pine and the adorable white kitten Twinkle! Such sweet names!

At first, Pine struggled to take care of her baby Twinkle. However, considering she lost her home and suddenly found herself in a shelter, it was completely normal she felt overwhelmed.

kitty on the beam scale

That is why Hannah was the right person for this task. She was determined to help momma Pine and her kitten.

The most important thing was ensuring the kitten was gaining weight. She had to make sure that Pine was able to feed her normally, as she shared in her video:

“One of the first things I need to do is assess what kind of care the kitten needs. Is the momma rolling over to let the baby nurse? When the mom is nursing the baby is she producing enough milk?”

cat winking

These things were crucial for Hannah to know if the kitten needed supplementary care. She had to weigh the kitten every few hours to make sure she was growing.

The first few days, momma Pine needed a lot of encouragement. Every time she lay down to nurse the baby, Hannah would cuddle and comfort her. She also made sure her surroundings were comfortable, as she said:

“One of the most important things when you take care of a mom and her kitten is that the mom is comfortable and happy because the mom is the one who really needs to be able to do the work.”

cat on the floor sneeking around

Therefore, Hannah gave her plenty of options in the nursery room. She had a big cozy playpen with a bunch of blankets and a warm bed. However, she didn’t seem to care for all this.

Whenever Hannah left the room, Pine would take her baby and nurse her under a table. Why she chose to lie down with Twinkle on a cold hardwood floor was a mystery to everyone.

Hannah moved the table from the corner and placed a cozy small playpen with warm blankets there. This setup was perfect for Pine, as she stopped moving the kitten around.

pregnant cat in bed

From that day on, little Twinkle started gaining more weight. She became a healthy little kitten with the help of her momma and Hannah.

She continued taking care of these two, making sure Pine was comfortable and happy, as she recalls:

“Of course she has me, every single step of the way!”

woman cuddling cat

Spay and neuter your cats as soon as you can, to avoid situations like this. However, I am glad Pine had Hannah who taught her how to be a mom!

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