Wobbly Kitten Becomes A Devoted Friend After Being Rescued From The Streets

This small kitten I’m about to tell you about was lost and scared, trying to survive in the tough world outside. He was all alone, searching for a safe place to hide.

However, destiny had something special in mind for this brave little cat. Worried citizens noticed the scared little kitten and contacted Puppy Kitty NYCity, a committed animal rescue group.

black cat hiding

The rescuers quickly arrived, prepared to provide the tiny wanderer with an opportunity for a better life.

Using treats and kind words, they convinced him to come out of his hiding place. The frightened kitten was carefully put in a carrier and brought to the vet for a check-up.

Even though he was still scared and hid in the corner at the vet’s office, he was starting a new journey full of care and affection. 

black and white cat

The vet found out that the little kitten, who was lovingly called DJ Mittens, had a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia (CH) that affected his balance and coordination.

It must have felt like the world was always tilting for him, but that didn’t stop DJ Mittens. Once he started living indoors, he went through an amazing transformation.

very sweet black and white cat

DJ Mittens really came out of his shell as he gained more confidence. Even though he was a bit unsteady on his feet, he found his own special way of running around, pouncing on toys, and enjoying every second of playtime.

He realized how much he enjoyed being around people and happily accepted his role as a lovable companion.

At first, he was a bit timid, but DJ Mittens’ kind and gentle personality couldn’t be contained.

black and white cat eating a food

He soon grew to trust his foster mom and felt right at home in his new environment. He would wobble towards treats and happily snuggle up for some well-deserved cuddles.

Now, this little kitty is all set for his grand adventure – searching for his forever family. A home where he will be loved, cared for, and snuggled endlessly.

dj mittens

DJ Mittens may have had a rough start, but now he’s full of energy and love, ready to take on the world and give his forever family lots of purrs and cuddles for a long time.

I bet he’ll find a great family and home because he’s just too cute! I mean, who could resist his cute little wobbly walk and his kind heart?

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